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  Textile Sensors and Antennas (transponder/tags)

Embroidery is the ideal technology to produce textile sensors and RFID antennas. On the one hand the textile base enables us to move freely and thus realize any given structure. On the other hand the selection of materials is completely free. This is especially true when it comes to working in very sensitive materials such as very thin wire or coated threads. Adding to this is the precise positioning the embroidering machines grant. This precision ensures production repeatability of textile UHF-RFID antennas or UHF-RFID tags. The textile antenna-structures manufactured in this manner show some advantages to the usual hard tags. While the textile character is preserved, very fare ranged reading can be realised.

Besides diverse RFID solutions we manufacture highly conducting, wash resistant, textile, electric sensors on a wide range of scales. The manufactured structures range from very small – for use in ECG and EEG – to large scale sensors or area sensors e.g. for surface pressure measurements.

Last but not least this technology enables us to manufacture “intelligent textiles”, that are also able to close security gaps. By using defines mash-structures any kind of security textiles can  be manufactures. For further details, please get in touch.

Areas of use are for example:

Pressure sensors,

electric stimulation,

temperature sensors,

humidity sensors,

medical sensors for EEG and ECG,

antenna structures and EMC filters.

                                  textile antennas & RFID / sensors & electronics