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  Tailored Wire Placement - Wire laying

Technical embroidery is a subsection of computer- or machine operated embroidery. It is sometimes called 3D-embroidery as during the process conductive wires or fibres are placed onto base materials virtually in 3D.

Two major areas are combined in the term technical embroidery:

* Tailored Wire Placement - Wire laying

* Tailored Fibre Placement - Carbon laying

Concerning the Wire Placement as the name suggests a wire is placed onto the fabric and secured in place by sewing or embroidering over it. A strong but highly flexible connection is the result of this technique. The position and layout of the wires is freely selectable. This enables us to place the targeted function (heating, antennas, sensors) exactly where they are needed. Tailored wire placement is also a way of producing textile wires and flexible electronic structures.

Tailored Wire = Technical Embroidery