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  Products and Services

Embro offers a widely diversified product portfolio based on embroidering and laser technologies. Our technologies come into play wherever textile surface elements, flexible structures or complex layouts in the form of functional and technical textiles are needed. We are a B2B provider of intermediate products and semi-manufactured forms. Our products can be used in the following areas amongst others:

  • Electrical heating solutions / Infrared heating elements
  • surface heating, silicon heating pads, heating foils
  • heated clothing
  • heating cushions and blankets
  • Seat heaters and steering wheel heaters for the automotive industry
  • Protective workwear and medical clothing
  • RFID-applications
  • Sensors / Sensor technology / flexible Sensor systems
  • safety fabrics / electric smog shielding / emv Shielding
  • composite – carbon – idustrial use.

Furthermore, we are available for the development of projects in different areas such as plastics industry or the production of CFK. The serial manufacture of technical textiles made in Germany is our creed.