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  Smart Textiles Embroidery

There´s nothing, what Smart Textiles are not able to do! The intelligent textiles (also called wearable / functional / E-Textiles) conduct, heat, send, receive, measure and can even glow, whereat their textile characteristics will be preserved.

By embroidery process it is possible to place finest braids (as far as 0,04mm), coated fibers, light conductors, hoses or other sensible materials with highest precision and reproducibility, who can be processed with other production procedures only hard or it´s impossible. An essential advantage is the free choice of fiber materials and carrier fabrics. No limits are set to the application possibilities.

Especially in the areas of Medicine and Sports these Wearable Textiles becomes more and more important, as they supervise vital functions or stimulate muscles. Meanwhile, also Aerospace as well as the Automotive industry have recognized the potential of E-textiles and increasingly rely on the smart fabrics.

Textiles with functions are the future! With pleasure we bring our experience for new projects and are looking for solutions, which do not find other.

Advantages of our Smart Textiles:

  • Textile characteristics are preserved – flexible & expandable
  • Highly conductive
  • Dependably & longlasting
  • Washing resistant
  • Efficiently and low-priced producible
  • Heat resistant



Examples of using Smart Textiles:

  • Heated clothing
  • Glowing textiles with optical fibers
  • Flexible conducting paths for signal transmission
  • Tailored Fiber elements ( shoes, parts )
  • Inductive Solutions
Smart Textiles