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  Composite Material, Composites and Dry-Preforms

Another field of expertise is the manufacture of  dry preforms for the production of fibre-reinforced plastic. This is achieved through the tailored fibre placement process. Carbon rovings are thereby laid out onto a base substrate. Any given direction is possible, i.e. Between 0° and 360°.

This process, called roving, enables us to create three dimensional fibre structures. The composite technology entrails a high saving potential in terms of material cost if compared to  the use of woven, braided or knitted materials because with it fibres can be laid out selectively. Defined areas can be reinforced through the repeated placement of fibres.

Material selection is absolutely free in this process. We process aramids, glass and carbon fibres among many others. The combination of different materials is also possible. The automated and most precise fibre placement serves to ensure ultimate tensile strength is ideally put to use for the given product.

Advantages of this Manufacturing Process:

  • near-net-shape preform fabrication
  • high degree of automation
  • optimale Faserausrichtung
  • ideal fibre alignment
  • very high tensile strength and durability of the fabricated elements
  • weight-reduction
  • punctual reinforcements possible
  • production with practically no discard, therefore low cost
  • no cost for special purpose tools
  • high volume production possible
embroidered carbon preform